What About The Water?

When we talk about coffee, we tend to focus on the beans that go into the drink. Certainly, that’s important, because, without that, it would just be water. However, it is important to remember that this amazing elixir is nevertheless 99% pure water.

That means that drinking coffee can help you stay hydrated (but it is a good idea to drink some clear water, too). But it also means that the water that you use to brew your coffee, as the number one ingredient in that coffee, is a big deal. If you hate the way that your tap water tastes, then it will tend to make coffee that also tastes horrible.

Personally, I always use water that has gone through a reverse osmosis filter to brew my coffee at home. When I’m on the road, bottle water is always a safe bet for clean, good tasting coffee. What kind of water goes into your coffee? If you don’t like it, try using water that you do like. You’ll be amazed how that improves the coffee, too.

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