Product Review: Kitchenaid Two Cup Pour Over Cone

Kitchenaid reached out to us recently and asked if we would review their 2 cup pour over coffee maker. Of course, we said yes.

Kitchenaid Pourover Instructions

When we received the coffee maker, we opened it up and checked out the instructions. They were rather ... simple.

The instructions only consisted of this series of pictures. It would be nice if they included a little extra information, like suggested coffee and water amounts, grind size, brew time, etc. Not a big deal, but I imagine that some of their customers would really appreciate a little more direction from their directions.

Kitchenaid Pourover Cone

The spiral ribs on the inside of the coffee maker were a little straighter than I would have expected. They certainly don't match up to those in the Hario v60, but really, that's not a huge deal. Notice how large the opening at the bottom is. That makes for a fast brew, very similar to the Hario.

Here's the brewer in action. For this test, we used a light mesquite roast sourced from Honduras, It was the last little bit of our Harvey Roast. As with any pour over, you'll need a good gooseneck kettle, scale, and timer to ensure the best brew. Oh yeah, we're using an unbleached #2 paper cone filter here. Unbleached, because I prefer my coffee without bleach (personal preference).

Here's the finished brew. Total time was just over a minute. The coffee voided as you would expect it to do. The resulting cone was very elliptical, owing to the unique shape of the hole in the bottom of the cone. Hario uses a round hole, which arguably generates more even extraction around the cone, but then again, this brewer uses the same shape as the actual filter, so you don't end up with crinkled filter anywhere.

All in all, it produces a very clean cup of coffee, owing to the filtration and the fast brew time. Pricing is pretty reasonable. You can pick this up for about $35. If you don't have a quality pour-over cone, this is a good one to consider.

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