Things Start Heating Up

By Justin Hopkins | Aug 2, 2022

The Spring months evaporated almost as quickly as the moisture has with the climbing temperatures. March saw Stan Crowley, Leah, JD, and I traveling to Turkey and Portugal to follow up on last year’s work in Turkey and Ukraine. One of the Ukrainian families that we had studied with last year was in the process…

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Modelle School of Preaching Summer 2022 Update

By Justin Hopkins | Jul 26, 2022

During a recent Gospel campaign Sister Emilia Kadi was restored back to Christ after backsliding for Four years. So many people came as we did door-to-door evangelism on daily basis. Many good questions were asked during the lectureship and Bible answers were provided. Kindly put Sister Emilia in your daily prayers and also the Lord’s…

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Talawanda School of Preaching Update Summer 2022

By Justin Hopkins | Jul 19, 2022

Things are going very well at Talawanda. During our visit next month one student will be graduating. The other sixteen students are now halfway through their two-year commitment. Weekly evangelism has been continuing with good success. One of the congregations that have benefited from these efforts is Pingo, where Alex (2021 graduate) is working. One…

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Rwenzori School of Preaching Update Summer 2022

By Justin Hopkins | Jul 12, 2022

In April Gregg and I were able to visit Uganda for the first time in twenty-seven months! It was great to be back with our friends and brethren there. The school has been running as well as one would expect during Uganda’s record-setting COVID lockdowns. The students there have been with us for just over…

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Worker Spotlight

By Justin Hopkins | Jul 5, 2022

Musisale Tom has been preaching for the Kitoko church of Christ for several years. As he has worked to evangelize the mountains around Kitoko he set about to train a team of other men who could carry the evangelism further than he could alone (2 Timothy 2:2). With their combined efforts the church there at…

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Upcoming Dates

By Justin Hopkins | Jun 28, 2022

It looks like things are back in full swing as far as travel is concerned. Next week Gregg and I are headed back to Tanzania. This will be our first trip in two and a half years that does not require a mask or a COVID test. We have one student who started a year…

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Worker Spotlight: Alex Tunda

By Justin Hopkins | Apr 8, 2022

Alex Tunda was sent to us at Talawanda by a Fire Gospel Pentecostal church. His father is the preacher for this church. They wanted him to learn the Bible and were happy to find that there is no charge for students to enroll at Talawanda School of Preaching. During his two years at Talawanda, Alex…

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Talawanda School of Preaching Update

By Justin Hopkins | Apr 1, 2022

The new intake of students is doing well. We are finishing up the second academic quarter. Beginning with the third quarter we will be able to use more teachers from other places through live video instruction. The livestock is doing very well. Our chickens and ducks are increasing in number. It will soon be time…

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Modelle School of Preaching Update

By Justin Hopkins | Mar 25, 2022

Our current group of students has two quarters left before graduation. We are presently in the dry season and in a few months from now, the rain will start. But we had a good harvest of beans and some few piglets. We are also starting to raise chickens for egg production. Using the fish trap…

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Rwenzori School of Preaching Update

By Justin Hopkins | Mar 18, 2022

The school is doing well, we are extending the gospel to other places in Uganda and Congo. The people of Congo are currently facing civil war. The rebels have started attacking and killing the civilians and they have crossed to Uganda where they can get peace. We are doing mission work at the border with…

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Running on the Ground and in The Air

By Justin Hopkins | Mar 11, 2022

This winter has been both busy and chilly. November saw the very last Denton/Schertz Lectureship take place. With that., the chapter-by-chapter commentary set on the entire Bible has been completed! It has been an honor and a blessing to be involved in some small way in bringing this work to completion. Right after Thanksgiving Gregg…

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Evangelism In Uganda

By Justin Hopkins | Dec 7, 2021
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Thoughts from Gregg Knight

By Justin Hopkins | Nov 30, 2021

It has been almost two years since stepping into my beloved Uganda. We can keep up with the Rwenzori School of Preaching through WhatsApp and Messenger. Let me tell you about the evangelism work of Mbusa Benard, Jalesi, and Maate John! Please remember that the brethren are unable to worship, and travel is very limited…

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A Note from the Director of Manna Project

By Justin Hopkins | Nov 23, 2021

Dear Supporters and Friends of the Manna Project, Greetings from Oklahoma, Texas, Africa, Asia, and from literally all over the world! I find it amazing on nearly a daily basis the impact that we have been able to make in some of the farthest and most remote parts of the world. God has continued to…

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Talawanda School of Preaching Fall 2021 Update

By Justin Hopkins | Nov 16, 2021

June was very busy as prepared for our first graduation which was held on the 3rd of July, as our first intake graduate. Our new students began classes on the 12th of July, with a new 13-week course designed to teach the Gospel, which helped us to baptize three of our new students. This summer…

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Work Spotlight: Uganda Food Relief

By Justin Hopkins | Nov 16, 2021

The COVID lockdowns this year have continued, and in Uganda, they have been particularly harsh. Over the summer, the president of Uganda imposed a very strict forty-two-day lockdown, which was only partially lifted at the expiration of its original time. This has caused many Ugandans to lose the ability to work, lose access to marketplaces,…

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