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Espresso vs. Drip Coffee

By Justin Hopkins | Mar 26, 2020

A common belief is that espresso has much more caffeine than standard drip coffee. Is that true? Kind of, but not really. A typical double shot of espresso contains 60-100 mg of caffeine, depending on how the barista grinds, the amount of coffee used, and how the shot is pulled. A typical 12 oz. cup…

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Jesus Wept

By Justin Hopkins | Mar 19, 2020

Those are the words of the shortest verse in the English Bible, John 11:35. That verse is full of love and compassion. We see Jesus’ love for Martha and Mary. His heart is broken for the pain they are suffering. His heart is broken for Lazarus, who is resting in eternity, having finished a faithful…

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I Am The Resurrection

By Justin Hopkins | Mar 7, 2020

In John 11:25 we find the sixth of eight “I AM” statements of Jesus recorded by John. This one is full of hope! “I am the resurrection, and the life.” Jesus gave us all life as the creator and continues to do so as our sustainer (Colossians 1:16-17). Beyond that, He is the one that…

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I Am The Good Shepherd

By Justin Hopkins | Feb 28, 2020

John 10:11 contains the fourth “I AM” of the Gospel of John. “I am the good shepherd.” Jesus paints a stark contrast between the good shepherd, who is the owner of the sheep, and a hireling who has no attachment to or investment in the sheep but is only there for personal gain. As the…

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Blend vs. Single-Origin

By Justin Hopkins | Feb 21, 2020

For the longest time, just about all the coffee in grocery stores was some type of blend. There was a “breakfast blend,” “espresso blend,” etc. Now single-origin coffees, including Epic Coffee are becoming more common. So, what’s the difference? Single-Origin coffee is just that. It’s a coffee that comes from one farm or group of…

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I Am The Door

By Justin Hopkins | Feb 14, 2020

In John 10:7 we find a third of the seven “I AM’s” of the book of John. Jesus is the door of the sheep. He is the only authorized path for us to enter in. He is also the one who serves to keep us safe and secure. Jesus mentions that there had been other…

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Espresso or Expresso?

By Justin Hopkins | Feb 7, 2020

Espresso, or Cafe Espresso, originated around 1884 in Italy when Luigi Bezzera filed a patent for a coffee maker that uses steam pressure to force hot water through the coffee grounds. There is some debate about the origins of the word “espresso.” The two competing theories go back to either the fact that the brewing…

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Are We Blind Also?

By Justin Hopkins | Feb 4, 2020

In the closing verses of John 9 Jesus says that He had come into the world that those who do not see might see, and so that those who do see might be made blind. That sounds a little confusing without stopping to think through it, which might be part of the reason why the…

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Use The Door

By Justin Hopkins | Jan 31, 2020

In John 10, as Jesus continues teaching the Pharisees, He gives the parable of the sheepfold. Here He says that those who enter in through some way other than the door are thieves and robbers (v. 1) The door is the authorized method of entry. If we want to be in the sheepfold, where the…

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The Danger of Decaf

By Justin Hopkins | Jan 28, 2020

For a variety of reasons, most of them health-related, many people find themselves relegated to drinking decaffeinated coffee. Perhaps your doctor recommended it. Or maybe you want some coffee in the evening, but don’t want to be up all night. So decaf it is. One common mistake is thinking that since it’s decaf, you’re free…

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Adding Coffee To Your Rub

By Justin Hopkins | Jan 14, 2020

A growing trend these days is to use coffee in Barbque rubs. If you’re not sure what to do, you aren’t alone. It’s a relatively new thing. So, first things first, you need to start with some high-quality specialty coffee. If it doesn’t taste great in your cup, it probably won’t help your brisket much…

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Because They Feared

By Justin Hopkins | Jan 7, 2020

In John 9, after the Pharisees learned about the healing of the blind man they called for the man’s parents. The Pharisees had made it known that they didn’t like Jesus and that they would ostracize anybody who did (v. 22). They had a simple choice: stand by their son and this amazing gift that…

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Work While It Is Day

By Justin Hopkins | Dec 19, 2019

As Jesus and His disciples were discussing the constant state of the man who was simply born blind, He makes a fascinating statement. “I have to work the functions of Him who delivered Me although it is day; evening is coming when no-one can function the. (John 9:4).” This individual wasn’t discussing the end of…

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Becoming More Adventurous In Your Coffee Choices

By Justin Hopkins | Dec 10, 2019

The world of specialty coffee could be intimidating. There are therefore many choices therefore many little details. Therefore, where can you start if you are prepared to explore? The initial tip is easy: just ask! A lot of people in specialty coffee is there because they think it’s great. Require suggestions and information simply. Attempt…

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By Justin Hopkins | Dec 6, 2019

In John 9:6ff, Jesus healed the eyesight of the person who was simply born blind. This is an excellent gift indeed! It had been a notable miracle, the fame which spread (v quickly. 16). What do the blind guy do to earn this type of precious gift? Nothing. He didn’t earn or require this gift…

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Give the Gift of Coffee

By Justin Hopkins | Dec 5, 2019

The holiday season is in full swing. And that means that if you didn’t get all of your shopping finished on Black Friday and Cyber Monday you have very little time to get it done. With that in mind, we have come up with a gift package just for you. Each package contains a small bottle…

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